How to Start Smile Meditation

You have to set up your purpose of smile meditation. ‘I want to meet him.’ ‘I want to keep the Source Smile state.’ ‘I want to have some achievement’ – what do you want?

Neutro mind state. If you have set up some purpose and after that go (for) meditation; then the frame of the Neutro mind state is keeping you all the time (to) achieve this purpose.

Keep this formula: how we start smile meditation. You can treat your disease instantly, you can change your consciousness – harmonizing it; you can change other persons’ problem – only through smile meditation; because you have Triorigin forces : <<HIS>> forces. That is what I want to know: how to start smile meditation.

Never start Hetero mind state. Never start Neuto mind state.Never start Homo mind state. Only Neutro mind state. ~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo.