The Vision

The Master, Professor Park Jae Woo has left us a precious legacy. His vision was to make the science of Sujok reach every household on this planet.

“Without any shape,without any shadow or trace,pure transparent life force has appeared with smile in this world.
Existence Spirit is the absolute existence with greatness to embrace all the existences in the eternal smile state.”
Smile gratitude to Prof.Park,Jae Woo



The Master’s Visions over time were given on various occasions at many different times, for a variety of media and ways. These are being collated and displayed here for the guidance of followers and adherents of his systems.

Sources include:

  • Audio and Video Recordings
  • His Notes and Writings
  • Media
  • Notes taken by his Students & Patients.

Recent Posts

Neutro mind state

Neutro contains smile already; because at the moment Neutro was born, he was smiling. Neutro has such a power: fundamental smile. But if someone cannot keep Neutro mind state, what to do then? We can do gymnastic, Taiji, yawn smile Taiji.

If you’re used to smile happy.Any moment when you want, you can smile. Any moment change to smile state. That is guaranteed Neutro mind state.Smile meditation starts from this moment. Then soul under smile control. True smiling soul. <<HE>> makes contact. <<HE>> just changes all things; improve treatment.

~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, speaking in


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