Triorigin Model is Everywhere

It looks like a quite surprising coincidence that all scientific facts which have been well studied and proved as truths including natural phenomena and social phenomena are all showing exactly the same order as that of the Triorigin Model.

As the Triorigin Model is the fundamental order as the first ever evident order in this world, all existences and phenomena in this existence world are supposed to keep this Triorigin Model order, and if this order is not maintained properly, they lose the stability of harmony and have to leave this world to go to the zero world. There in the zero world, they have to be purified by the spiritual Triorigin Model for a new start of their existences to this world.

All living creatures including the human being would suffer from mental and physical disorders caused by the disharmony of this Triorigin Model order. And they are obliged to leave this world for the zero world when they fail to keep this order. All existences in this world, therefore, keep this Triorigin Model order, and they change and operate within the framework of the order. Anything that is not harmonized by this order cannot stay in this world.



SIMILARITYis one of the most beautiful characteristic of HOMO force and in human body hand posses the most clear similarity to the human body. All the stages of the development of the human body;the cellular, the embryonic, and the stage of perfect body is presented on the hand. As a result number of correspondence systems appeared representing every stage of the body eg—Round and Stem Correspondence Systems as Neuto

-Limbs Correspondence System as Hetero

-Hand and Feet Correspondence System as Homo

-Finger and Toes Correspondence Systems as Neutro

Su Jok Therapy as a philosophical system and healing method which is full of the Spirit of Love of Our Creator for all beings in the cosmos, which gives it universal healing power. Through Sujok with Triorigin background, Prof. Park Jae Woo showed this world a clear indication that the Creator of the universe is strongly trying to inform human beings that is why Nature has made the hand and foot most similar to the body which is easily available curing hardware systems. They are caused to exist by the Creator’s Will. Su Jok theories and techniques are well understood within scientific and a teleological  vision of the cosmos and life.

The human being, exist in an enormous universe, coexisting at the same time with other beings, objects and events. The human body is a vital organism which is influenced by many factors and is in an absolute causal relationship with all forces existing in the universe. All changes in the human body occur in accordance with universal laws and principles under TRIORIGIN MODEL ORDER.


Therefore, the individual’s health condition is not only determined by one’s individual traits, but is greatly influenced by all forces in the surrounding environment. It is nature’s beauty that our hand and foot are most similar to our body which are also carrying all universal information.



Since the Triorigin principle is fundamental, immutable and manifested in all, it provides the basis of organization of man’s physical body and the energy system both. When these four energies are all involved, disease is expressed on body energy system and certain organ or some parts of the body.

The Triorigin of Hetero, Homo and Neutro manifests itself in the real world and the human body both in the integral relationship with each another.

The theory of Triorigin has contributed to our understanding of human health, the source of activity and long life, time and space, evolutional trends in nature and society and also of the fundamental laws underlying any subject, motion, complex mechanism of relationship between all things and phenomena.


After recognizing the existence of Triorigin Neuto, Hetero, Homo and Neutro, a new awareness reveals that this world is created and operated by the forces and orders of this Triorigin.

And it is realized that this Triorigin has created wonderful orders and it has the intention to continue to manage this world in an orderly and harmonious manner.

After understanding that the forces and orders of Triorigin are operated in every existence and phenomenon of this world without any exception, their operation orders and methods start to be observed everywhere around the environment including the human body.


Triorigin consciousness contains all kinds of consciousness orders in this world, which was created by Existence Spirit.

Triorigin consciousness system, operates all things which  is called Absolute Consciousness. Awareness of this Absolute Consciousness is the grand perfection state of the self, where His Origin Smile is persistent. It is Heavenly Smile. Self awareness starts from the understanding that the essence of the self lies in the soul and each soul is the part of Origin Smile (His Perfection)

This is the original feature of the self. If the self reaches to the level of realization in which self could show constant soul smile within His Origin Smile, it is the awareness state of original self where the self can find himself /herself staying in the beautiful world, harmonious world, orderly world, smile world and perfect world.This stage is Absolute awareness of the self.