Triorigin Order

Q What does this world look like?

Q. Is this world an Orderly world? Is there any Order in this World? 

• Within the unlimited, deep and silent Universe, an infinite number of four-armed galaxies is spinning spirally on self axis.

• Within every huge arm of galaxy, an infinite number of solar systems are moving in an orderly path.

• Within every solar system around a sun, all the nine planets and an infinite number of meteoroids are self spinning, rotating around the sun in an orderly path.
• In every 24 hours, Earth spins on its axis and the moon completes a rotation around the planet Earth, in an orderly path.

• Seasons change in a cyclic pattern. From Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, Winter again to Spring in a definite pattern.

• The Sun rises everyday from the east and sets in the west- This cycle is repeated every day.

• Every living or non-living entity, which takes birth or integrates in this world of life from somewhere and after completing the life cycle, again returns back somewhere through a process of death or disintegration.

• Movement is a sign of life. Material world around us, which is fundamentally made up of particles, is expressing life through movements in the form of a wave. These waves are known as electromagnetic waves. Every wave is simply an orderly pattern of self vibration and path of moving particles.

• Within an atom, four sub – atomic particles remain integrated in an order. Electron moves around its nucleus in an orderly path.

• A human can only give birth to another human being, dog to dog – all species reproducing species similar to themselves. This reflects a strong order behind.

• Human beings, in a day, from morning to night, follow a life cycle, starting from rising up, going to work, returning from work to sleep again to start next day again. This reflects an order behind.

• There is an order behind walking as well. At first, one leg starts rising from the surface of the earth, reaching a peak height and then returning back to earth. Repeating the same cycle with both the legs creates the phenomenon of walking.

• Similarly, talking, eating, drinking, listening, thinking, sensing, defecating, urinating, all reflect some order behind.

• Passing through a gate, writing, watching TV etc… all reflect some order behind.

• Fetal movement inside a mother’s womb, heart pumping movements, lungs’ breathing movements, menstrual cycle, stomach movements, and intestinal movements – all reflect order behind.

• Every country is regulated by a government i.e. a governing system which has its own law and order.

• In chemistry, Mendeleyev table expresses the position of an atom according to the character of an atom — reflecting an order.

• We breathe in with the expansion of chest, and breathe out with the contraction of chest. All animals and plants go on continuously repeating this sign of life in an orderly way

• Heart relaxes and contracts rhythmically and continuously.

• From heart, arteries carry the fresh oxygenated blood with essential food and oxygen away from the heart, and de-oxygenated blood again returns back to heart though veins. This transportation order continues to provide bio energy to cells.

Q- If There Is An Order, Then…. What Is That Order?
Ans- Triorigin Order is the Fundamental order operating this universe. It can be understood by the zfollowing concepts-

• In the universe, there exist some fundamental forces that are manifested in various forms. We, for example, can observe not only a force that pulls things but also a power that pushes them away. Besides, we have a neutral force that neither attracts nor expels things.
• As there is also an ascending force and a descending one, so there is a power that maintains the present state rather than moving upwards or downwards. While one type of power moves forward and the other moves backward, there is the third power holds things in place moving in neither direction.
• One power integrates things and another disintegrates them, and still another just connects all being.
• While there are a heating power and a cooling one, there is also a force that neither heats things up nor cools them down.
• A humid power damps things, while a dry power, dehydrates them. The third power neither wets nor dries things out.
• One force pleases our feelings and another hurts them, but the third force makes us free from such feelings leaving us with no definite frame of mind.
• The first and the second power are used to construct or deconstruct things, respectively, but the third leaves them just as they are.
• One power produces new things; another destroys or makes them ragged. Meanwhile, the third power purifies or restores them.
• One power simplifies things and another makes them complicated or pushes them into disorder. There, however, also exists the third power that restores order.


The main idea is that all the phenomena and influences we witness either in our lives or in natural surroundings are determined by four fundamental forces. These four forces are called TRIORIGIN FORCES named as Neuto, Hetero,Homo and Neutro. These fundamental forces became fundamental order named Triorigin Model.


When these fundamental forces work together as one inseparable unit, it is Triorigin Model Order.
Hetero is the fundamental power that produces changes while Homo force is the fundamental power that keeps things unchangeable. Neutro combines both with perfect harmony, thereby helping all existences to realize themselves during evolution. The Neutro force appears as a fresh force born from the combination of the other two forces, Hetero and Homo.
These powers join as one unit to exercise influence over both the physical and the metaphysical worlds. They exert influence over space, time and all beings without exception.


Based on the basic model of Triorigin, one stage develops into the next stage. The mode of the Triorigin Model is recapitulated and developed until the final stage of the Triorigin Model structure where the new order and mode of existences is constructed.
The Triorigin Model is composed of the four-dimensional levels in total. It begins from the zero dimension (point) of Neuto and experiences the one-dimension (line) of Hetero, the two-dimension (plane) of Homo, and the three-dimension (solid) of Neutro and finally the dynamic dimension of change with four-dimension (again Neutro).
The order of the Triorigin Sequence also begins with the zero dimension and completes the basic order of the Triorigin Model in the one-dimension. As it goes further into the two-dimension, it moves to the final stage of the three-dimension.
The order of the Triorigin Sequence, in short, constitutes the order systems of the four-dimension that include the beginning of the zero-dimension.
The expansion and the generation of the existing beings are composed of a unit of the Triorigin Sequence that is composed of the four-dimension.
It means that the second process of all the existing beings is the recapitulation of the basic order of the Triorigin Model.


• Modern science has come to the conclusion that four fundamental forces exist in the universe we live in. They are gravitation, the strong force, the electromagnetic force and the weak force. These are the four fundamental forces of nature limited by the mode of the Triorigin Model.

Entire Universe , including Time, Space, Particles, Atoms, Stars, Galaxy, Solar system , Earth , Moon , Water, Fire, Soil , Rock, Air , Living creatures, Bacteria, Animal , Plants, Fungus and finally Human Being etc. They all exist in the form of Triorigin Model Order basically.

• These forces Hetero, Homo and Neutro have strong power, so no other forces can stand against them. They are omni-present and help each other, but sometimes restrain one another by their natural counteraction.
• These forces have originated from the zero world of Neuto. When they meet together, they demonstrate their power and drive the existing phenomena as the TRIORIGIN ORDER.