Triorigin Theory- Fundamental Research Of Prof Park, Jae Woo

Triorigin Theory is the result of Prof Park Jae, Woo’s relentless research, studies and meditations in all the fundamental fields of human knowledge, from natural to human sciences, from medicine to metaphysics and theology.

Prof. Park, Jae Woo is valued all over the world as a prominent scholar in the field of medicine and acupuncture. He is also known as the inventor of many scientific theories, therapies and techniques such as Sujok ,Sujok Ki, Zone Energy System, Six Ki Theory, Onnuri Theory and Therapy, Eight Origins Theory, Diamond Energy System Theory, M Particle Theory, Triorigin Theory, Triorigin Fengshui,Triorigin Direction Therapy and so on.

Triorigin Theory is the fundamental base of all his researches and therapies.

Prof Park also developed Triorigin Smile Taiji, Triorigin Smile Gymnastic, Triorigin Smile Yoga, Triorigin Twist Therapy, Triorigin Smile Meditation etc.

 Prof Park’s Deep Philosophical Study Of Fundamental Laws

The Triorigin Theory by Professor Park, Jae Woo is a deep philosophical study of fundamental laws of the real world that underlie its development toward perfection. He dwells on specific features, characteristics and purpose of the powerful Homo, Hetero and Neutro forces, determines the essence and direction of evolution, and also the role of humankind in this process.

Touching upon complex world-view issues about the source of Triorigin  Neuto and about the mysterious zero world, Prof Park Jae Woo provides a vision to approach to the issue of life and death, helping mankind to overcome the fear of the other world.

His  ideas about the unique phenomenon of life, when the eternal, incomprehensible play of the Triorigin forces embodies a strict and beautiful order, are substantiated by vast factual material from various fields of science: physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, genetics, and so on.

 Prof Park, Jae Woo’s Unique Intention

All these theories and discoveries emerged from Prof Park, Jae Woo’s unique intention  to understand the fundamental laws of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual world and the purpose to widespread this great understanding to mankind.

Triorigin research is considered to be Prof. Park, Jae Woo’s  magnificent, gigantic, most significant, most intelligible and fruitful attempt to unify the conceptions about the universe and to discover the meaning, origin and purpose of each existence in this world.


Prof Park Jae Woo Gave This World The Most Simple, Logical & Systematic Theory

With the help of his simple, intelligent theories and innumerable evidences, Prof Park, Jae Woo tried to explain the subject in the most logical and systematical manner clearly showing the signs that the Creator of this universe is with the strong intention to help mankind achieve good health and harmonious development of soul, mind, body and life.

Understanding the Creator as Supreme Force who created this UNIVERSE is the way to grow and become perfect.

Universal wisdom is endless, deep and vast. Even if we compile all the wisdom of each person in the world and compare it with this Universe wisdom, it would be nothing. But Triorigin vision helps to understand these universal laws and orders. Understanding the Triorigin Model is the master key to all knowledge systems and phenomena of this existence world. By understanding Triorigin Model order, we can always find the missing links in a system, thus enhancing the quality of our knowledge in any field.

Actually Triorigin philosophy has the great merit of unifying the encyclopaedia of all sciences under a unique model order which is called TRIORIGIN MODEL ORDER.

Our Gratitude To Prof Park, Jae Woo

 By introducing Triorigin Theory to this world, great Prof Park, Jae Woo has given the most precious gift to the mankind.

His tireless efforts were to expand our Triorigin consciousness to the highest level, to have the ability to appreciate NATURE’S design and to feel the bliss and celebration in all creations in this universe.

The philosopher’s mission is not only to understand the application of the Triorigin Model order and Triorigin consciousness», but even to share and spread wide this understanding in order to realize a perfect Smile World and to feel the continuous bliss of being the citizen of SMILE CIVILIZATION.

 Smile thanks to  Prof Park, Jae Woo  for bringing us gently to his deeper knowledge which he received from the nature Supreme Force. We are learners, trying to understand Universal laws through Triorigin Consciousness which is helping us to look at ourselves in relation to this UNIVERSE, in relation to Infinite power, in relation to absolute joy and smile now.

 Prof Park, Jae Woo’s smile work continues with smile spirit…

After he passed away in March 2010 in Moscow, his two sons, DR. PARK MINCHUL , President of International Sujok Association and DR. PARK MINKYU successfully continue Prof. Park’s international Smile activities. They share their late father’s Smile spirit, which is Neutro, meaning Love, friendly, harmony, caring, smile, adaptability, flexibility. and generosity, . They are blessed with TRIORIGIN SPIRIT and are highly dedicated to spread this wonderful knowledge to every corner of this world. They are continuously working with smile and triorigin spirit to realize their father’s dream. Their work contributes in spreading this precious knowledge which is widely increasing awareness, expansion of consciousness, tolerance, smile, health improvement and spiritual development among the masses…


Bhupinder kaur