Triorigin Theory


 This world is in fact, Triorigin world.

Everything in this world has a beginning and an end.

Questions thus arise…

Q What is the origin of this world, the point from which a variety of things have come into existence?  see Birth of Triorigin Forces

Q.What does this world look like?

Q. Is there any way to cognize the very first phase of existence? see Inter-relations of Triorigin Forces

Q. Who has created this order and how has it been created? see Triorigin

Q. From where and how is this order being operated?see Triorigin with the Essence of Smile

Q. What is the Intention and Essence behind this Orderly World? see Triorigin Model is Everywhere

Q. Is this world an Orderly world?  Is there any Order in this World? 

The Triorigin theory provides us the possibility to deal with these fundamental questions with logical sense.