Triorigin with the Essence of Smile

Smile and Triorigin form the essence behind the existence of the Whole World. Triorigin Consciousness is ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS. The Supreme Force or Great Spirit which has created this universe has pure aim to create harmonious existence which is also termed as Existence spirit. This Great Spirit is endowed with divine smile called Existence Spirit.

Existence Spirit’s Smile is the Origin Smile which is present in Absolute state, before the birth of this present world, with the determined consciousness to create this perfectly harmonious Smile World. Existence Spirit smile implies the celebration of success on the creation of this wonderful world, the gratitude for this achievement, the self respect for this greatness, the glory for the harmonized beauty.*

Whenever human consciousness achieves Oneness with Origin Smile, he will receive and understand  HIS consciousness to the fullest. In this state he is capable of seeing and understanding His eternal wisdom and the Universal Laws with which this world was created in orderly form and is being continuously operated with smile.

Every living creature including human being has two forms
of the SELF: the self with Smile Perfection and the self with
given role in this universal drama according to their
consciousness level.

Triorigin consciousness contains all kinds of consciousness orders in this world, which was created by Existence Spirit.By introducing Triorigin Theory to this world Prof. Park, Jae Woo has given the most precious gift to the mankind.
Triorigin research is considered to be Prof. Park Jae Woo’s magnificent, gigantic, most significant, most intelligible and fruitful attempt to unify whole existence and to discover the meaning,  origin and  purpose of each existence in this world.

Triorigin consciousness system operates all things which is called HIS Absolute Consciousness. Awareness of this Absolute Consciousness is the grand perfection state of the self, where His Origin Smile is persistent.