Behind every creation and behind every function in this Real World, there is presence of some unseen scientific order which creates, operates, regulates and harmonizes the existing creations and all functions.


The main idea is that all the phenomena and influences we witness either in our lives or in natural surroundings are determined by four fundamental forces. These four forces are called TRIORIGIN FORCES named as Neuto, Hetero,Homo and Neutro. These fundamental forces form a fundamental order named Triorigin Model.

From a tiny particle to the whole universe, all existences are being operated by some fundamental order. Triorigin is the fundamental order consisting of four fundamental forces NEUTO, HETERO HOMO, NEUTRO. Forces and orders of Triorigin are operated in every existence and phenomena in this world without any exception. Their operation, order and methods are observed everywhere in the environment including the human body.


These Triorigin forces are fundamental so they are embodied at each stage of development, present in all objects and phenomena of the existing world. The three dimensions of space (length, width and height), time triad (past, present, and future), trinomial components of gene code, triple embryonic structure (three germinal layers) etc. all result from the action of the universal Triorigin principle.


The Triorigin forces interact with each other and their application is seen to the world of Existence. These four forces are inseparably bonded as one unit and work together to realize the will of Existence Spirit, which has the intention to continue to manage this world in an orderly and harmonious manner.
In the world of Triorigin, certain order of creation, rhythm and law are established. Since these forces are fundamental, the principle of reciprocal actions directly affects other existing beings as dominant and unchangeable.


The Existence Spirit that resides in the zero world is the source origin of the first-ever appearing fundamental forces. Before this world, there exists only the Existence Spirit, pure and contained. This unencumbered Existence Spirit exists in the zero world. As the soul of the existence world has intention to create this world, Existence Spirit in the zero world casts its shadow onto the borderline of this world. As a result all forces start taking birth into this world.

The Triorigin forces have appeared first in this real world one after the other and govern, manage, evolve and are therefore practically responsible for creating all varieties of existences of this world. In other words, they influence all other existences, principles and phenomena following them by their mutual interaction.

Hetero appeared at first in this world, followed by Homo. They became a pair to repeat their struggle in the symmetrical formation and they grow and expand their power through mutual empowerment. At some moment, some part between formed an asymmetrical harmony and then the shadow of Neuto joined to mingle with them in a spiral whirl. All of a sudden, an entirely new entity appeared in the mixture of Hetero, Homo and Neuto. This was the moment of birth of Neutro, the third fundamental force.

Hetero, Homo, Neutro and Neuto together are called Triorigin.

Triorigin projects its absolute forces on this world, influencing thoroughly any of its existences. And Triorigin exercises its forces to give orderliness to this world with the Triorigin Model and Triorigin Sequence .