Unique Characteristics Of Triorigin Forces

The Triorigin forces are endowed with their unique characteristics and special energies from birth. When the zero world creates the real world some special environment awakens to activate all potential energies for the creation process.




Neuto keeps a transcendental position and leaves everything as it is and lets it flow naturally without any artificial intervention. In the Neutro state, the door to the zero world is opened because Neutro already contains Neuto within itself.
Neuto does not directly participate in the practical matters of this world. But it is one of the components of Triorigin Model order itself. Since Triorigin Model as a fundamental order regulates all matters to maintain this framework in this world, Neuto influences the entire real world as a result.

• Neuto is located between the zero world and this world, and stretches its territory to encapsulate both worlds. Neuto is the first existence that appeared in this world in the form of a shadow. Neuto is the window to connect this world to the zero world, and all energies and information are delivered to this world through this Neuto channel.
• Neuto is natural force without any intention. Often it is not noticed and it is discovered later than other three forces.
• The potential characteristics of the zero world are directly connected with the characteristics of Neuto. Neuto as one unit with the Triorigin forces joins the Triorigin Model
• It inherits Existence Spirit from Spirit Neuto, and it is the fundamental existence that locates across the zero world into this world with zero nature.
• The zero world, in terms of mathematics, may be both zero or infinity. Neuto is closely related to all existing beings.
• There are two kinds of the Neuto conception, namely, independent Neuto and Neuto as part of Neutro.
• Neuto has zero nature as one body with Zero Neuto. Independent Neuto is this world force. It is Neuto as part of Neutro. It is the incarnation of Spirit Neuto.
• The potential characteristics of the zero world are directly connected with the characteristics of Neuto. Thus Neuto is the fundamental existence which contributes to the evolution of this existence world. It provides infinite energy and information to Triorigin forces through connecting to the zero world; so that Triorigin forces operate this world without shortage of energy and necessary resources and without stopping their operations.
• Even a single cell inside the human body is connected with the zero world. Neuto has relations with every speck of dust, with any remote spot on the Earth, all planets of the Solar system and their satellites, all stars in the universe and their surroundings.
• It is because of Neuto involvement that there is empty space in the universe as well as in the atom.
• Accordingly, Neuto covers the entire sphere of both the zero and real world and prepares the ground for future Neutro to realize the Existence Spirit when Neutro inherits this entire territory from Neuto. Now Neutro occupies the whole territory.

Therefore, even though Neuto is too limited to participate directly in this world business due to its zero nature, it performs a much more fundamental role than practical participation in the creation of this world.



Hetero received many qualities from Existence Spirit to initiate and create this wonderful smile world. When Hetero is guided by Neutro force it becomes a beautiful, wonderful, great force.

  • Hetero is based on the infinite world. Hetero is substantially the first force that jumped out this world through the Neuto gate of zero world.
  • Hetero is the fundamental force to bring all existing beings to the world. Hetero is great, majestic, lively, cheerful force. Hetero likes bright side and avoids dark sides.
  • Hetero is derived from Infinite world which always seeks to change things and bring them to the infinite world. It can also create new things. Hetero never allows things to return to the original point as Homo wants.
  • Hetero expands and amplifies things. Homo is reluctant to move, but Hetero is quick to move. It is a vigorous force.
  • Hetero quickly decides something without any thoughts and moves promptly, Hetero appears suddenly without any notice but can also disappear quickly.
  • Expansion, separation, increasing numbers are Hetero phenomena. Hetero brings growth as growth is accompanied by division and multiplication. Separation leads to independence.
  • Hetero avoids touching with other things.
  • Homo force simplifies things but Hetero diversifies them by increasing their number through multiplication .
  • The return instinct of Homo is the contracting force that binds all to the Zero World. Hetero is the expanding, separating, diversifying that brings all the things to the infinite world.
  • Hetero brings stability into imbalance. Pride, self respect, shining, positive, active, attractive, power are the symbols of Hetero.
  • Hetero is always running fast because of great ambition.  Hetero stays with mental, metaphysical world.
  • Hetero is also pure mind because Hetero has come out to this world through Neuto Gate so primitive nature was purified enough to follow the will of the Existence Spirit in order to join in the construction of this world as long as there is some harmonious restriction of Homo and guidance of Neutro.

Wonderful Hetero! You are the creation bearer Thanks to Hetero Force “you could escape through the Zero World with an initiating power to create this world”.


Viewing from the position of Existence Spirit, Homo has come out to this world in order to join in creating all the existence of the world.

  • Homo is the reacting force to restrict Hetero’s activities. For this purpose Homo came out to this world against its will.
  • If there was no Homo restriction power involved, Hetero would enter into the Infinite Neuto World momentarily as soon as it came into this world. As a result this world would not exist at all. Viewing from the position of Existence Spirit, Homo has come out to this world in order to join in creating all the existence of the world.
  • Homo charges every Hetero activity and this charging phenomenon contributes to form this world. Homo is also fundamental force for this world’s existence.
  • Such a contracting power of Homo condenses the scattered water molecules into the raindrops.
  • Homo power consolidates, unifies, fuses, hardens, condenses, simplifies, and combines things. Homo instinctively brings all existing beings to the original state in the most appropriate way considering the present situations. The heart pumps blood through the body, and the blood returns again to the heart.
  • Homo Force results in circular, circulating and spin phenomena. It creates the circulation of planets in Solar system The Earth moves round the sun in a circular orbit; the Earth returns to the original place after revolving around the sun every year. Likewise, the same seasons appear to us repeatedly. All living creatures unavoidably face death and finish their lives as part of the returning phenomenon. It creates blood circulation system in the body.
  • Similarity phenomena among living creatures keep the sameness between existences.
  • Slowing down of change indicates that Homo force is engaged in every existence to limit their changing speed. Baby is growing slowly, time is changing slowly, river is flowing slowly, earth spins slowly, stars moving slowly, particles move with limited speed, light moves in limited speed, sound moves slower than light speed. Thanks to Homo force, we can enjoy the beauty of stable mountains and hills.

Thanks to Homo force for bestowing peaceful resting time on all existences.
We praise HOMO in absolute contribution to this world. By assisting Neutro HOMO is equally participating as HETERO, in the construction and creation of this world.



Neutro is an orderly force, a spontaneously guiding force to the further developed harmonious state and a moral force, which is originated from the Existence Spirit.

  • Neutro was born during the unification process of Hetero, Homo and Neuto. This unification or mingling also symbolizes the unification between this world and the zero world. Neutro has abilities of Hetero, Homo and Neuto, and it has its own additional instinct and ability, which have been newly created during the integration process.
  • Behind Neutro is Existence Spirit. That is why Neutro has all the instincts and abilities of Hetero, Homo and Neutro which is helping to operate this universe in orderly form.
  • Neutro has harmonization instinct and creation instinct for the new harmonized entity. Those instincts and abilities received from Hetero, Homo and Neuto are sublimated to a realistic level in order to use them in this world for the purpose in consonance with the Existence Spirit. Neutro is a sincere force.
  • Neutro makes tireless efforts to preserve the prosperity of public existences, as the worker ants, as Neutro, always devote themselves for the ant community spontaneously and tirelessly. The Neutro force is characterized by a spirit of Help and Care with Love. It has the spirit of Justice.
  • Neutro comes out to be a Guiding Light for human beings and all living creatures on their way forward towards happiness and well being in the course of their evolution.
  •  Neutro force by its own nature provides us smile and all sorts of Satisfaction. Neutro possesses enormous bravery and strength as well as the spirit of Protection and Preservation of existences.
  • Neutro has the omnipotence to cover this world and the zero world as well and keeps the transcendental nature and Existence Spirit within itself. This is the force with an infinite variety of capability, instincts and harmonious power.
  • Neutro is a connecting, adjusting and mediating force. Neutro is a friendly force without enimity. It brings practical, productive and successful results. This is an equalizing and an impartial force and has adaptability and flexibility.
  • Neutro is a gradually progressing force with harmony, beauty and has rhythm and regularity. Neutro is a continuation force and reconciliation force. It is an improving force and salvation force.
  • Neutro is a relief and rescue force. It  is a solution, execution and administrative force which  follows natural laws. Neutro protects fairness and justice and provides orderly freedom.
  • Neutro is an encouraging force, an efficient and economic force. Neutro provides peace, comfort, satisfaction and promotes morality. Neutro is a guiding force helping to attain the perfect state. Neutro is the force helping to realize the Existence Spirit.*

When harmonious creation of all forces were done, Existence Spirit of Zero world, after confirming that perfect Neutro was created, HE smiled practically and whole world with smile came into existence after this wonder. HIS smile implies the celebration of success on the creation of this wonderful world, the gratitude for this achievement, the self respect for this greatness, the glory for the harmonized beauty

Operating & Element Neutro

  • There are two types of Neutro: Operating Neutro and Element Neutro. Operating Neutro is there always as a purpose for all actions/things. Operating Neutro is  EXISTENCE SPIRIT operating the whole Universe.
  • Neutro as perfect force was created by integration of Neuto, Hetero and Homo Through Neuto, Existence Spirit joined Neutro and became Operating Neutro. Thus, Existence Spirit was with Neuto,  Hetero, Homo and  Neutro .
  • Element Neutro may or may not be there.
  • All existence is being managed, controlled and operated by this Operating Neutro.

Neutro force by its own nature provides us smile and all sorts of Satisfaction. Neutro ought to possess an enormous bravery and strength as well as the spirit of Protection and Preservation of existences.