Smile World

If people could gain pure smile by SMILE MEDITATION, it would be a basic contribution to the purpose of the EXISTENCE SPIRIT.

If people could realize that this world is the world of wonders and is the SMILE WORLD, it would be the next important contribution to the realization of the purpose of the Existence Spirit.

When people accomplish their smiles and put them on the immortal state in order to attain oneness with the EXISTENCE SPIRIT,it will be the perfect way to work together with the EXISTENCE SPIRIT for the construction of the wonderful SMILE WORLD.

“The perfect smile world will be realized as long as HIS sons and
daughters have determined mind to concentrate and work on HIS Dream.’’

If people participate in the realization of the SMILE WORLD using smile force overflowing from their perfection,it will be a real contribution to the realization of the purpose of the Existence Spirit in creating Smile Civilization.”

“Each soul is part of His Origin Smile then, the self having soul
smile is considered as His Son and Daughter who has heritage of HIS
Perfection with Origin Smile.” Prof.Park, Jae Woo

Smile gratitude
Smile bows

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Smile thanks to Prof Park Jae Woo for this smile message to this wonder world.

Prof Park, Jae Woo

Smile thanks to Prof. Park, Jae Woo for guiding us towards Origin Smile.
We bow in gratitude to You.
So many lives are touched and blessed with your grace.

gaiasynchug1[1]Smile World is coming: Sync Gaia Hug Soul Family

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Neutro mind state

Neutro contains smile already; because at the moment Neutro was born, he was smiling. Neutro has such a power: fundamental smile. But if someone cannot keep Neutro mind state, what to do then? We can do gymnastic, Taiji, yawn smile Taiji.

If you’re used to smile happy.Any moment when you want, you can smile. Any moment change to smile state. That is guaranteed Neutro mind state.Smile meditation starts from this moment. Then soul under smile control. True smiling soul. <<HE>> makes contact. <<HE>> just changes all things; improve treatment.

~ Prof. Park, Jae Woo, speaking in


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